Rotary bike winners for 1st nine weeks announced

Back for its second year, Chickasha Rotary Club’s Roll Call program recently recognized local students who maintained perfect attendance during the entire first nine weeks of school.

The club’s attendance incentive program is designed so that any student achieving perfect attendance during a nine-week period is recognized with a certificate of merit from the Rotary club.

chickashatoday | ChickashaToday.com Bike winners in the Rotary Roll Call program from Grand Elementary include Xander Ainsworth, Z’hara Johnson, Hunter Marchbanks and Scout Anderson. Sponsors are (left to right, behind): Rotarians Lewis Knisley, John Gorton, Gerron Smith, and Ann Manchester.

 Even better, students have their names entered to win one of eight bicycles given away each nine weeks to students in grades 3-6. A drawing is held each nine weeks allowing the club to give away a total of 32 bicycles complete with locks and helmets over the course of the school year.

 “This is a great way to share the importance of school attendance and just try to get kids excited and encourage them to be at school,” said Rotary Club President Gerron Smith. “Part of the Rotary Club’s mission is to give back to our communities and take action to create lasting change for the betterment of our citizens and community. These kids are the future leaders of Chickasha, so what better place to start?”

 Rotary members and local educators are pleased with the program results and hope to see continued rise in the number of kids with perfect attendance.

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